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 Wholesale European cheeses based in Moravia. 

Our company operates on the Czech market as veloobchod food since 1991. Throughout our business is our main advantage of the reliability and quality of service and personal approach to all our business partners. Over time, our company specialized in the import of European cheeses. Always has been and will be the main emphasis on the quality of products sold.

many successes wishes Mr. Roman Jančík


News :

From 11/25/2014 we include in our range confisiere product from a   

family Austrian company Heindl:


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from November 20, 2014, our company is expanding its offer of luxury goods company Heindl from Austria. Company History Walter Heindl starts founding in 1953 in Vienna. Since the beginning of the production focused on the production of chocolate liqueur pralines world's highest quality. The family company has undergone more than 60 years of existence huge development, but its focus on tradition and quality is preserved to this day. As a distributor of other quality and unique products in the Czech Republic, we are really pleased that just assortment of Heindl we can now offer our business partners.


From 05/20/2014 we include in our range of sausages from a      

butcher Havlíček from Třebíč.

Havlíčkovo řeznictví

The quality of the products from this manufacturer have certified their own experience. For more than 20 years regularly buy. Thanks to our customers, we can recommend these products. Products such as wedding sausages, ham highest quality Havlíčkův salami and other specialties made ​​according to your recipe will satisfy anyone who appreciates good food. The quality of the production facilities and Mr. Havlicek evidenced by winning a national competition

Shop of the Year 2012 | October 18, 2012
We gained the title "butchers' sausage-shop of the year 2012" competition, organized by the Czech Association of Meat Processors.



Currently, we are the exclusive importers and distributors of the Czech and Slovak market for a Lithuanian company  Rokiskio.






Centre cheese Rokiškio  is a small town, in a picturesque  Aukštaitija region. This region is famous for its traditions dairy industry with the highest milk yield for centuries.
These are undoubtedly the most important enterprise in the region. Rokiškio is an excellent example of how tradition can go hand in hand with modern production process. For many years, the production managed in accordance with European standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
Rokiškio Company history dates back to 1925, when the Earl of local farm based on the production of dairy butter. Time delivery of products directed primarily to the east. Over time, their products have become well known in the markets for traditional domestic cheese production - such as Italy.
Through participation in exhibitions and fairs such as International food exhibition Anuga in Cologne, in Germany or in Moscow PRODEXPO company presents its products that have been awarded many times. (Montecampo - gold medal at the exhibition "Agrobalt 2001"; Kietasis - 1st place in the exhibition "Lithuanian Product of the Year 2001")
Since 2009, a cheese factory opened its representation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
We also offer products company  Moraviachips


Moraviachips logo



family company Josef Libis, that  are working for more than 20 years, is a manufacturer of traditional fried potato chips, crackers and a side dish filled dumplings and dumplings. All products are made with a large amount of manual work and responsibility to the owner's name, and that is why jijich quality throughout the still high level.


For our customers, we are currently preparing to introduce a new range from Austrian producer, the company   Kasemacher

Kasemacher logo

We are very proud of the fact that we can represent company of Kasemacher in the Czech market.

Company Kasemacher one of the prestigious Austrian manufacturer of products made ​​from cow's, sheep's and goat's milk. About hight quality of their products is also evidenced by the fact that its products supplied to countries like Japan, USA, Australia, Russia, Dubai and many others. Top quality and perfect craftsmanship will be appreciated not only  by visitors to luxury hotels and restaurants, but all the people who prefer quality products.