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Havliček buther - product range

Gombasecká sausage

The fermented meat product distinctive taste and paprika .


Gombasecká klobása


Sausage with figs

Company 's specialty - fermented product a long shelf life. Dried figs in a combination of mature meat creates a sweet flavor reminiscent of oriental food. Excellent for wines , cheeses.


Klobása s fíky

Chorizo ​​sausage

Spanish type fermented meat product type


Čorizo klobása 


Sausage with port wine

Company 's specialty - fermented product a long shelf life. The taste of matured meat creates a natural maturation in combination with port wine unique and delicious taste. Excellent for wines , cheeses.


Klobása s portským vínem


Sausage with walnuts

Company 's specialty - fermented product a long shelf life. The taste of matured meat with walnuts creates an excellent combination of non-traditional flavors with a strong smell of nuts Excellent for wines , cheeses.


Klobása s vlašským ořechem


Sausage with dried plums

Company 's specialty - fermented product a long shelf life. Pork in the maturation of the plum gives the product a special aroma and distinctive taste . Excellent for wines , cheeses.


Klobása se sušenou švestkou 

Kozácká sausage

The product of pork. Fermented product , čabajkové sharper taste.

Kozácká klobása



Hunting rod

The fermented sausage with delicate aromas loveského sausage.


Lovecká tyčinka


Hungarian worm

Typical  product with a slightly sharp taste and quality content Hungarian peppers.


Maďarský šnek



sausage stew

Typical Hungarian product of two batches of peppers, spicy taste, coarser granularity.


Paprikáš klobása


Tuscan horseshoe

Company specialty, spicy spicy pepper taste with the smell of smoke and wild spice .


Toskánská podkova


Havliceks  pepperoni

Fermented product . A mixture of several types of Hungarian paprika, spicy tang .


Havlíčkova čabajka

Hercules sausage

Durable product of pork, delicious and interesting flavor . Corporate specialty.


Herkules klobása



Hunting salámi

Traditional Czech fermented product .

 Lovecký salám


Cop rod salami

The fermented meat product čabajkového type family recipe .


Policajt tyčový


Highlands  salami

Durable meat product with a good taste . A very popular .




Havlicek salami

Durable meat product according to the traditional familly recipe.


Havlíčkův Uherák



Debrecen sausage

The product of pork, a traditional meat product .


Debrecínské párky


wedding sausages

The product of pork. Very delicious flavor and juiciness , popular specialty company .


Svatební párky 


Cheese sausages

High-quality thin sausage with cheese flavor.


Sýrové uzenky


food specialties

prosciutto pancetta

Fermented product , dried Italian bacon with a smoky aroma


Pršut Pančeta


Fermented product of a southern type , dried smoked pork and ham .





The product of pork, distinctive flavor chimney .


Anglická slanina



Ham highest quality

Ham with up to 95 % share of lean pork meat.


Šunka nejvyšší jakosti



Traditional Czech meat product with tradition , alternating succulent smoked ham fragile flesh. Made using traditional hand  procedures .


Šunka od kosti



Ham balls

Selection Smoked ham smoked in the forward pack.


Šunková koule


Roast in the spices

Kladenská roast covered with various kinds of spices .


Pečeně v koření



The product of pork, ham specialty corporate inserted into the gelatin shell , distinctive ruby color .





The product of pork. Corporate special type of durable inserted into the gelatin shell , smoke color, sprinkled with spices.




Ham and salami piggy

The original ham meat product or type of durable weighing 3 kg ca . A very original gift.


Šunkové a herkules prasátko


Jellied cakes

Always up fresh , the individual custom made one day in advance. The product contains high-quality gelatin own smoked products , pickled vegetables and walnut salad own production. The product is delivered in a cake box. The customer can provide the name of cake or number of cheese. Manufacture can be in various shapes . Flower , heart


aspikové dorty



Pies own production

cranberry , duck , goose , almond

pečená paštika